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Goods with value of 1184.3 mln.USD had been imported and the volume of import increased by 163.2 mln.USD or 16.0 percent in comparison with 2004.

Imported goods consist of transactions paid in hard currency (74.5%), goods supplied by foreign loan (3.1%) goods imported as a foreign aid (2.5%), commodities imported as an investment (12.9%) and materials for inward processing (6.1%). Imported goods paid in hard currency increased by 160.8 mln.USD, total volume of commodities as an investment also increased by 57.6 mln.USD, while total volume of aid commodities gone down by 23.4 mln.USD, import commodities supplied by loan by 23.4 mln.USD, import commodities supplied by loan and import of goods for inward processing decreased by 15.1 mln.USD and 26.5 mln.USD respectively.

Import increase of mineral products; pulp of wood; base metals and articles thereof, machinery and mechanical appliances, vehicles aircraft, vessels and parts thereof mainly influenced on import increase.

If look at import changes in accordance with HS classification of goods import of vegetable products decreased by 14.6 mln.USD; volume of textile and textile articles has gone down by 25.4 mln.USD and total amount of imported goods by other 3 headings of HS such as live animals decreased by 0.04-2.0 mln.USD while import of all other headings of HS has been increased. Import of mineral products increased by 89.9 mln.USD; total import volume of pulp of wood; machinery and mechanical appliances and volume of vehicles, aircraft vessels and parts thereof has also gone up by 10.7 mln.USD, 54.5 mln.USD and 12.2 mln.USD respectively.

If look at changes of some main goods in 2005 total volume of wheat decreased by 17.4 thous.tone, its average price has gone done from 276.8 USD to 162.0 USD in comparison with 2004. total volume of imported petroleum products decreased by 2.3 percent and increase on its average unit price per 1 tone from 374.6 USD to 537.7 USD influenced on total amount increase by 86.8 mln.USD. Average unit price of gasoline with octane less than 90 increased from 353.5 USD to 463.4 USD while average unit price of gasoline with octane more than 90 has gone up from 372.7 USD to 520.6 USD. Total amount of imported diesel fuel increased by 58.9 mln.USD and its average unit price has gone up by 199.7 USD.

Goods with value 29.1 mln.USD have been imported as a foreign aid from international financial and economic organizations and donor-countries. If we take into consideration the countries of origin 5.4%. 10.3%, 31.9% and 19.2% of the goods were originating form the USA, the Russian Federation, China and Japan.

The goods donated from donor-countries came from the USA (7.5%), China (18.5%), France (5.9%) and Japan (42.0%).

85.4 percent of foreign aid was imported as a grant while 14.6 percent of them came as a humanitarian aid.

Goods with value of 37.0 mln.USD have been imported as a foreign loan from international financial and economic organizations and donor-countries and these goods were originating from different countries such as China (30.8%), Japan (19.4%), Republic of Korea (8.4%), the Russian Federation (9.7%) and Federal Republic of Germany (12.2%).

Most of total aid goods were imported as a government loan. 53.4 And 12.9 percent of total loan lent from Government of Japan and Federation Republic of Germany, while 9.0 and percent of it lent from Kuwait and Asian Development Bank.

Goods with total value 152.6 mln.USD had been imported to the charter fund of joint ventures and companies with foreign investment and these goods were originating from different countries including the USA (7.8%), the Russian Federation (43.8%) and China (24.5%).

Mongolia has imported goods originating from 91 countries including European countries (48.7), Asian countries (44.5%) which are equal to 93.2 percent of total import.


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