List of Priority Sectors for Foreign Investment

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  • Cultivation of crops, fruits, sugar canes, oil and animal fodder plants
  • Intensive animal husbandry (diary, meat production, chicken farming)

Exploration industry
Coal Exploration

  • Exploration of all types of coat through open-cut and underground mining methods, crushing, grading and a quality improvement.
  • Production of briquette fuel
  • Exploration of brown coal and a fuel of coal type, production of briquette fuel
  • Exploration of shale and peat

Exploration of Oil and Gas

  • Exploration, strengthening, processing of oil, mineral resources containing oil and exploration of gas
  • Services for drilling and equipping oil and gas pits, erecting and maintaining towers

Exploration of Uranium and Thorium Ore

  • Exploration of uranium and thorium ores and ores containing radio-active components

Exploration of Iron Ore

  • Exploration, concentration, conditioning (heating, breaking into pieces, floatation, sorting and cleaning) of iron ore and minerals containing iron
  • Exploration of chemical and fertilizer minerals, minerals containing nitrogen, phosphorus and sulphur, flour spar and other minerals which can become chemical raw materials such as soil colorants

Exploration of Other Mineral Resources

  • Exploration of chemical and fertilizer minerals, minerals containing nitrogen, phosphous and sulphur, flour spar and other minerals which can become chemical raw materials such as soil colorants

Other exploration works

  • Exploration of minerals such as asbestos, fossil organics, magnetite, argillite, quartz, misa, fibre glass

Processing Industry
Food Production

  • Production and storage of meat and meat products, processing technologies for meat storage, drying, smoking, salting and tining
  • Production of vegetable and animal originated oils
  • Production of Flour and Animal Fodders
  • Production of mixed and tossed fodder
  • Other Food Production
  • Production of cane and turnip sugar

Knitting Industry

  • Spinning, knitting, dying, decorating of woolen and paper thread of animal and plant origin
  • Final processing of knitted cloth
  • Production of knitted goods for tagging, belting and hygiene purposes

Fur Processing

  • Final processing of fur and sheep skin tannery

Leather Processing

  • Leather Processing
  • Production of leather goods
  • Production of all types of shoes, including male, female and children’s shoes

Timber Production

  • Production of boards, glued, wood-shavings, filings

Coking, Liquid and Radio Active Fuel

  • Production of coke, tar and other by-products out of shale and oil

Fuel production

  • Production of liquid and gas fuel out of shale and oil

Production of Chemical Products

  • Production of industrial chemicals, such as gas, acetylene, oxide, alkali, paints and substances for processing skin
  • Production of nitrogen, phosphours and potassium fertilizers and substances containing them

Goods made of Non-Metal Minerals

  • Non-flammable ceramics
  • Production of non-flammable bricks, transportation boards and pipes
  • Production of cement, lime and gypsum

Metallurgic Industry

  • Production of conditioned iron ore, primary cast-iron and steel (reinforcement steel, rails, pipes, wires etc) using scrape metal
  • Refining and melting precious and non-ferrous metal, gold, silver, production of non-ferrous metal through segregation by electrical and other chemical methods, production of copper, lead, aluminium, zinc, molybdenum, tungsten, nyoby, tantalum, zircon, rare earth metal and strontium

Processing of a Secondary Raw Material

  • Processing of a secondary raw material except scrape metal

Infrastructure Sector
Production of Electricity and Steam and Water Supply

  • Electricity production, transmission, distribution activities (hydropower station, transmission facilities, thermo and diesel stations)
  • Production of steam, hot water supply (heat distribution facilities)

Water Treatment

  • Collection, treatment and distribution of a water for household and industrial use

Construction Industry

  • Construction of engineered buildings and structures
  • Installation, placement and maintenance of lifts and security alarm devices
  • Construction of a “Millennium road” (equipment leasing)
  • Construction of oil and gas pipelines

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