List of Major Investors

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  1. Boroo Gold Gold exploration, mining, processing Great Britain 1997
  2. Chinggis Khaan Bank Banking and Financial services Virgin island(UK) 2001
  3. Mongol-Amical Cashmere & Camel wool processing USA 1996
  4. Shijir alt Gold exploration and mining,trade Russian Federation 1995
  5. Tomorteikhuder Geological prospecting and exploration, foreign and domestic trade China 2002
  6. Mobicom Cellular phone service Japan 1995
  7. Cashmere Fine Asia Wool,cashmere,furprocessing Great Britain 1998
  8. Mongolyn Tsahilgaan kholboo shareholding Telecommunications South Korea 1995
  9. Skytradind Shopping center,international trade South Korea 2001
  10. Skytel Telecommunications service,wholesale,retail,cellulor phone South Korea 1999
  11. Citi taxi Taxi service and foreign trade South Korea 1999
  12. Mongol hung hua Sewing factory and international trade Hong Kong(China) 2000
  13. Menatep St-Peterburg Banking and Financial services Russian Federation 2001
  14. MongolBulgargeo Geological prospecting activity,and exploiting international trade Bulgaria 1998
  15. Monfresh juice Manufactore and pacging multi beverage,mineral water China 2002
  16. NZM food Processing milk products,trade New Zealand 1999
  17. Wagner Asia Equipment Supply and leasing old mining equipments USA 1996
  18. Khasge (Xac bank) Loan activities USA 2000
  19. Trade and Development Bank All kind of banking and financial services Luxembourg 2002
  20. Top light textile Manufacture of garments and textile babies clothes,trade Taiwan(China) 1997

Foreign invested companies have supported the creation of over 80,000 jobs, accounts for over half of Mongolian exports, generated around 60 billion tugriks of tax revenue which is about 10 percent of the total budget revenue. According to the General Taxation Authority, in 2005 foreign companies paid 81 billion tugriks in tax, which is 35 percent higher than in the previous year. Besides creating new job opportunities and paying taxes, foreign companies are promoting other industrial and service sectors.


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